Camden and Regent’s Park Youth League – CRPYL was founded in 2000 by Ash Rahman, Emma Hayes and Will Cave, a trio of local Sports Development Officers delivering on behalf of West Euston Partnership.

CRPYL’s Aims:

  • To help, support and encourage young players aged between 5 and 16 years old to participate in organised and structured weekly football matches both friendly and competitive.
  • To welcome the participation of teams from youth groups, schools, community centres, youth clubs, religious groups etc leagues, tournaments and other events across London’s 32 boroughs.
  • To offer capacity building opportunities in the form of training, support, mentoring and project management to individuals and team leaders to develop their clubs.
  • To encourage, promote and support volunteering programmes for the over 15s.
  • To provide volunteers with one to one mentoring.
  • To offer workshops on a range of topics including fitness, intensive exercise, anti-racism, drugs awareness, culture and attitude together with education and training to gain qualifications in football and other sports.
  • To arrange  friendly matches with other groups and teams, nationally and from across Europe
  • To create and give opportunities for teams to have access to the bridge and experience to professional football by providing links and contact to local professional clubs.
  • To ensure a duty of care to all members and participants of the Camden and Regent’s Park Youth League.
  • To provide all services in a way that is fair and equal to everyone.
  • To ensure that all current and future members of Camden and Regent’s Park Youth League receive fair and equal treatment.